Post AF (not at a reunion)

Don Baker, Roger Burgess, Bob Hoy, and Joel Daven ... somewhere in Long Island shortly after discharge (c.1968) Dane Zeller and wife Rita, c. 1975 Scott Berschig, c.1975 Bob Dow (center) and family (almost). On Dow's right is Robin Wilson (Jerry Wilson's wife. Looking east along the Columbia River, east of Portland, Ore. (Late '70's?)
Nick and Molly Nicoletta, 1995 Steve Senderling, Great Wall (1st time of 4) - 1988 Craig Blair... bridegrrom - Honolulu, 1989 Steve Senderling & Craig Blair, Bejing, PRC, December 1989 -- on Craig's honeymoon trip to Hong Kong & China ... married in Hawaii ... Senderling was best man.
Jerry Wilson, Nick Nicoletta - c.1992 Nick Nicoletta, Jerry Wilson 1992 Steve Senderling, Ron Brown (fmr Commerce Sec'y, died in plane crash 1996), Lyn Edinger, r.i.p., then AmCham chair, Consulate Officer, friend, Richard Mueller, Consul General, Hong Kong. c. 1993. Gerry Murdock & Steve Senderling, 1994. First "officially authorized" business delegation for U.S. citizens to Viet Nam. Also went to Hanoi and Saigon.
Da Nang International Airport - 1994 Da Nang International Airport - 1994 Gerry Murdock and Steve Senderling on the sands of China Beach, Da Nang, Viet Nam, 1994. Monkey Mountain is in the background (looking NNE). Hanoi Hilton 1995. Mostly torn down now. I was shooed away by a VPA soldier guarding one of the gates before I could take more pictures.
George Ittner and family ... c. 1996 Bob Stevenson (foreground) and Steve Senderling at Jerry Wilson's house for a "mini-reunion" -- 1996. Also in attendence was Nick (ex Pete Thiffault) Nicoletta and Craig Blair. Jerry Wilson (gray hair ... um, I mean sports coat) at Bob Stephenson's (brownish polo shirt) for dinner. Bob's ex is sitting on Jerry's right -- Jerry's wife, Robin, on his left. Others unk. c.1997 Craig Blair hard at work; 2000, Portland, Oregon
Bill Boltinghouse Ray Bernard lounging in Dave Wagner's suite at the 2003 Prop Wash Gang Reunion, Dayton, Ohio. Photo by Steve Senderling. This is the current Main Entrance to YAB immediately opposite the road that leads into the town of Fusa. This is the "bar row" (one of them, anyway) in Fussa. Can you imagine ... and no benjo ditches!?
Ron Smith (on the right :) ) c.2006? Steve Senderling -- "Standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona" August, 2009 The IFEL Det HQ is still there. This image was taken in June, 2010, from Google Maps - Street View. Nick-Molly-Nicoletta ... 2010-ish?
China Beach - 2013. Pic by George Ittner who visited Vietnam with his son. Monkey Mountain (stiill in use as a radar site, and probably "other things").