6988th SS sign at Yokota AB Barracks 108, Yokota AB, Japan, c. 1966 Barracks 110, Yokota AB, Japan, c. 1965-ish 6988th Barracks, YAB - c. 1965
88th Barracks 88th Barracks Inside one of the barracks - probably 108 or 110 Barracks House Boy
Jeff McRaney, AMT, Det 1 6988th RSM at Yokota AB Nov 61-Nov 64. Kevin Long at Yokota AB 1966 Bike Row, YAB, Japan, outside one of the 6988th barracks. c. 1964. Bill LeLake, Ray Bernard, Steve Senderling and Kevin Long (and others, I'm sure) all owned a Honda 250 "Scrambler" (CL72) and/or a Honda 305 CB77. Barrie "Tony" Buxton and his Honda 500, c. 1964
Dave Wagner and his Honda 500 sports car; Yokota AB, Japan; c. 1966 Jack Paulsen with his pride and joy c.1966 Joel Daven's & Roger Burgess' Honda 500/600?  c.1967 Pete Siegel, YAB, c.1966
Bill Baker Checking Negatives Bobby Hinman Jim Coursey Can't Remember 3
Jim Broadwell Gerry Murdock, Yokota AB Japan (note South Vietnamese flag in background) George Ittner Can't Remember 4
Dick Ward John Zelinski Image15 Image16
Tom Hardy Walt Carroll at Japanese static a/c display, Yokota AB, 1967 Garrett Rice & IT Moore, Yokota AB c.1966? IT Moore
Galen Pratt(?) & Gerry Murdock; outside YAB barracks Dane Zeller, Gerry Murdock, Kevin Long Dave Hugenot at the Airmen's Club, Yokota AB, Japan, c.1964 Galen Pratt - c.1966
Craig "Ready-to-hit-the-skies" Blair, off-base housing, Yokota AB, c. 1965 Don Baker, YAB barracks, c. 1966 Ray "Ready-For-Inspection" Bernard, Yokota AB - c. 1966 George Ittner, armed and ready to go.
Suing #2B68 Ken Schreiner ready for another mission Tom Hardy, c. 1966-67 Don Baker c.1966
Garrett Rice proudly displaying his stereo system, Yokota AB barracks; c. 1967 George Ittner Day room. YAB Barracks Image12
Image4 ?, Ray Bernard Kevin Long in the barracks day room c. 1967 Ray Bernard, ?
Bill LeLake? Joel Daven's room - Yokota with his photos on the wall Bates 1967 Japan Craig Blair w/ daughter. YAB off-base housing c. 1965
Barracks bridge party. Jim Causey (glasses, sitting), Ray Bernard (leaning over), NIck Nicoletta (long coat); standing w/arms folded: ??  [Help me out here] - c. 1966 Bridge party...Yokota AB barracks. Clockwise: Chick Wayman (standing) Jim Causey (glasses, sitting), Jay Groen (on his left), [maybe] Chuck McAbee(?). L-R: Nick Nicoletta, Gerry Murdock, Jerry Wilson - c. 1966 Nick Nicoletta (Pete Thiffault), Jerry Wilson, Dane Zeller, Rick Oakes, Yokota AB barracks
L-R: Dane Zeller? (w/guitar); "Butch" Smith, Nick (Pete Thiffault) Nicoletta, Bill Oakes, Jerry Wilson, Steve Senderling (ugly striped shirt looking for his guitar) Jerry Wilson, Steve Senderling, George Ittner, Dane Zeller Nick Nicoletta (Pete Thiffault) and Jerry Wilson on the way to the Bar Grace. Taken, we think, by George Ittner, 1965. Jerry Wilson at party (service club?), Yokota AB, c.1966
Craig Blair - drummer with the "Cimarrons", a country & western band at Yokota AB - c. 1965 Dane Zeller ?, ? George "Lefty" Ittner, Ray Bernard (black), ?, Dave Rowley, ?
?, George Ittner (kicks lefty, too) and holder, Ray Bernard Dane Zeller (reddish shirt), ?, ?, ? Image22a Image29
Image31 Image33 Bill "Grape" LeLake Image35
Lucky Camp (Chaplain's daughter?) Pam Ratcliffe (later, Mrs Jerry Wilson) & Scott Berschig - c. 1967 Pam Ratcliffe, Scott Berschig & Katie Morse; Yokota AB, Japan; c. 1967 Kirk Carpenter, Ron Gibala and Jack Esslinger at Tachikawa Bus Stop, c. 1964
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo street scene c.1967 Tokyo street scene c.1967 Jack Poulson & Jim Broadwell
George Ittner (off base somewhere) Out the windsheild from G. Murdock's and G. Ittner's rental car. Towards Yokohama c.1966 Joel Daven & Ken Schreiner - Downtown Tokyo Joel Daven on a hike in the mountains c.1967
Tom Hardy and Keven Long with some locals they met on a hike ... with Joel Daven Kevin Long & Tom Hardy at a tram station to/from(?) a hike in the mountains - Tokyo/Yokota area Roger Burgess at Kamakura Buddha w/ Joel Daven, c.1967 Don Baker
Joel Daven, Moose Lodge, Fussa River moat around the Imperial Palace, Tokyo. c.!966 Jim Gooding and some new-found friends Dave Johnson, Jim Gooding, Jim Causey - Tokyo/Ginza 1966
Kevin Long Kevin's Honda CL72. (This may or may not be the same one that both Senderling and LeLake had.?) George Ittner, first-time skier Chuck Hoffman
Jay Groen, "accomplished skier" 059 Jack Poulson, Jay Groen, Chuck Hoffman Boltinghouse Getting AirMedal
PartyTime Dave Wagner...Yokota AB barracks, c. 1965 L-R: Pete Siegel, unk, Dane Zeller, Dave Rowley? Barracks Party - Dave Wagner, Yokota AB, c. 1966
Galen Pratt, Yokota AB, Japan; c. 1966 Dave Wagner, Yokota AB Galen Pratt, George Ittner, & Dane Zeller, Yokota AB, Japan, 1965 Dane Zeller, Yokota AB, c. 1966
PICT0001a Unk (back), Gerry Murdock, Galen Pratt, ? Galen Pratt Dane Zeller, Galen Pratt
Only four more to go! Galen Pratt. Gotcha! ? George Ittner. Safety first, just in case.
? ? Gerry Murdock ... hearin' the tunes Dave Wagner, day room, barracks 108
Fussa Machi from across from Yokota AB main gate, c. 1964 Fussa Machi, Japan, 1971 L-R (standing): Ray Bernard, ?, Jerry Wilson, Hardin "Butch" Smith, Craig Blair, Nick Nicoletta (ex Pete Thiffault) - outside Bar Grace, c. 1966 050 (2)
051 (2) Bar Spider, Fussa Machi, Japan, 1971 Ken-san at Club Mie, Fussa-machi, Japan Ken-san, Bar Mie, Fussa-machi, Japan
Mama-san @ Mie? Bar Mie - all fixed Bar Mie Fire1 Bar Mie Fire2
Bar Mie reopening (maybe) Bar Mie reopening party - Ken Bar Mie reopening party1 (mayber) Bar Mie reopening party2 (maybe)
Bar Mie reopening party4 Bar Mie reopening party8 - Bill Lelake Bar Mie reopening party3 (maybe) Bar Mie reopening party5
Bar Mie reopening party6 Bar Mie reopening party7 Joel Daven & friend Bar Mie reopening party9
PICT0002 George Ittner (r), Yokota AB, Japan Yokota Party 2 Dane Zeller & Chick Wayman, Fusa Machi, Japan
Dane Zeller & George Ittner Don Baker & Terry Murphy?, Jim Gooding? Fussa-machi, Japan George Ittner home from a night on the town. Gerry Murdock.
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My beautiful picture My beautiful picture Theater - Yokota AB Image6 (2)
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Image18 (2) Image19 (2) Image23 (2) Image25
Image26 Image28 Ahhh ... Mt Fuji