Yale/IFEL, GAFB, Stead, ++

Yale/IFEL & Pre-deployment pics
Jerry Wilson just before leaving for Lackland; Olathe, KS, fall, 1963 Jerry Wilson w/gf just before leaving for Lackland; Olathe, KS fall, 1963 Craig Blair (L) and friends before just before joining the Air Force - Portland, OR, 1963 Craig Blair (L) and fellow slick-sleeve; The Alamo, San Antonio, TX - fall, 1963
A3C Wilson, Gerald W., one each, about to leave for Yale. Olathe, KS, December, 1963 Bob Stephenson at home after basic training. c.1964 Detachment HQ, Institute of Far Eastern Languages, Yale University, New Haven, CT, c.1963 Newspaper Article pg. 1
Newspaper Article pg. 2 Kirk Carpenter & Richard Herd, St. Elmo's - 1962 Day Room - St. Elmo's - 1962 Jim Causey behind St Elmo's - 1962
Front row: Ken Bissett, Jim Buchananl, Jim Peterson, Dick Griffith. Back row: Marv Church, Phil Kuntz, Jimmie Salie, Richard Gatto, Ed Foley, John Maher, Ray Davis Walt Carroll c.1964 Keg Arriving at Grad Party Ron Smith & Rick Schoenborn, Hillhouse Dorm, Yale U. - 1963 Jay Groen, Jack Poulson, Sid Pruitt; New Haven Commons, New Haven, CT, winter 1963-64
Ray Bernard - Yale - 1964 Ray Bernard - Yale dorm - 1964 Craig Blair, Yale, 1964 Bob Fann, Jerry Wilson - Yale dorm, 1964
Craig Blair, Steve Senderling, Bob Dow - Yale, 1964 Craig Blair, Yale, 1964 Joel Carter, Craig Blair, Pat Pope; Yale, 1964 Ron Weisenberger, on Church St, Yale,. c.1963
Jerry Wilson - Wall St Dorm - Yale - 1964 L-R: Craig Blair (shorts), Ray Bernard (sunglasses on porch), Lennie Hill (on Ray's left), Hal Mahnke (sunglasses, striped shirt), Pat Pope, Jerry Wilson (back to camera), Hardin C. "Butch" Smith, Bob Dow, Della Sino and Steve Senderling in front of Wall St. dorm, Yale, 1964. L-R: Pat Pope; Craig Blair, Joel Carter in front of Wall St. dorm, Yale, 1964 IFEL Classroom. Clockwise L-R: Unidentifiable hand, Craig Blair (left hand to face), Tom Riggins, Gerry Murdock, 老师 (lǎoshī:instructor) unk, Hal Mahnke, Bob Dow, Wayne Dunn - 1964
Tom Guido, c.1965 Hal Mahnke - c.1963/64 Memorial Day Honor Guard, Yale University, 1964; L-R: Bob Dow, Steve Senderling, Jerry Wilson. J. Wilson, S. Senderling, B. Dow (l-r)
Temple St Det. HQ - Present day (extracted from Google Maps) Jerry Wilson on leave between Yale and GAFB, Sept, 1964 Bill "Grape" LeLake - 1964. R.I.P my friend. Tom Riggins with his pride and joy. GAFB, TX, 1965.
Ray Bernard, Hank Fierst, Pat Pope, GAFB, TX, 1964 Bill Collins (brother of John) GAFB, TX, 1965 Gerry Murdock, Goodfellow AFB, TX, late 1964 or early 1965 George Ittner, Goodfellow AFB, TX, late '64 or early '65
Bob Stevenson, Goodfellow AFB, TX, 1965 Dane Zeller, outside GAFB, 1964 Nick Nicoletta, outside GAFB, 1964 Ray Bernard, outside GAFB, 1964
Bob Dow, GAFB, 1964 Ray Bernard, GAFB, TX, 1964 Bill McCarthy, Fred Grasso (-1's from Phila), GAFB TX, 1965 goodfellow barracks
Bowling Center, Goodfellow AFB, Tex., c. 1965 Site of our winter survival course - 1965, just north of Reno, NV (now "Reno-Stead" Airport) Guys makin' their way to Stead AFB. Just a little side trip.
Hardin C. "Butch" Smith, Nick Nicoletta, Bill Oakes...on their way to Stead AFB Nick Nicoletta, George Ittner, Butch Smith, still making their way to SAFB "Butch" Smith, George Ittner, Linnie Hill, Nick Nicoletta (Pete Thiffault), en route to Stead AFB, NV, for mountain/winter survival training (getting some practice, I guess); 1965 Stead AFB survival school night camoflage training, early 1965. Don't have a clue who's who, but it's believed to be partially Yale class Jan-Aug '64(?)
Stead Survival School grad pic "POW" camp, Stead AFB Making camp. Winter/mountain survival course. Stead AFB, NV