Other Places in Asia

Numazu, Japan; Okinawa; S. Korea; The Philippines; Thailand; & Vietnam (ex Da Nang).


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Sea Survival School, Numazu, Japan, 1965. Front row, starting w/ 2nd from left: Lennie Hill, Ray Bernard, Gerry Murdock, Dane Zeller. Steve Senderling is in 2nd row between Ray and Gerry. Don't recognize anyone else. Pete Thiffault (Nick Nicoletta) relaxing in a hotel in Okinawa c.1965 George Ittner in The Philippines, c. 1966 Gov't building, Manila (G. Ittner photo)
Government building (legislature?), Manila, The Philippines U.S. Embassy, Manila, The Philippines - c.1966 Street Scene, Manila, The Philippines, c. 1966 Hank Fierst ... not sure where c.1966
Ron Gibala at Kadena AB, Okinawa, 1967 Jack Davis in Okinawa 1967 Generic picture of the inside of one of the first Rivet Joint aircraft - RC-135B, c.1967 Steve Senderling getting an Air Medal, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE, 1967
Bill Boltinghouse, Pleiku AB, Vietnam, 1969. AMT, 6988th, Aug 70 - Jan 72. Bench Royal, Osan AB, So. Korea - 1971 Bench Royal, Osan AB, So. Korea - 1971 Main gate - Suwon AB, S. Korea, 1971-77
Sea Survival School - Kadena AB, Okinawa PACAF WaterSurvivalSchool patch