2013 S.O.B. Reunion - San Antonio

Nice collage - thanks to Paul Healy "Big Ed" Truelson, Gary Belcher, Ray Bernard, Jim Broadwell (really!) [This & next 5 pix were at the FTVA picnic, San Antonio] ?, Ken Hopkins ("Hopi"), Pete Siegel, "Big Ed" Ray (too-many-nicknames-to-list) Bernard, Dave (ditto) Wagner, Jim ("LJB") Broadwell
Boonkie & Hopi FTVA Picnic ?, ?, Hopi ? , Hopi Gary Belcher, Hopi
Dave Wagner, "River Walk", downtown San Antonio We opted out River Walk - S.A. Not a river to swim in, but it's a really nice environment ... lots of shops & restaurants.
Don Baker, John Collins, Dave Wagner, Ray Bernard John Collins, Dave Wagner, Ray Bernard, Don Baker, Steve Senderling David and friend Fun store.
Ray J, Don Baker. Dave Wagner, John Collins, Ray Bernard, Don Baker, Jeanette Baker, Steve Senderling John Collins, Dave Wagner, Ray Bernard, Don Baker, Steve Senderling We ran into two guys (I think from the 6924th) who were also at the FTVA annual reunion/picnic.
LJB, Steve S. DW, John C., Ray-J, and Rachel - who worked at the front desk where we were staying (Drury Inn). She was amazingly helpful, always cheery, extremely accommodating, and downright friendly. Drury Inn lobby having a beverage. Steve Senderling & Hopi Final dinner (forgot the name of the restaurant). ? , Big Ed, LJB, John C., Steve S. Steve S., Dave W.
Paul Healy, Ray Bernard, Hopi, Don Baker, Jeanette Baker, Bill Bollett (sp?), Gary Belcher, ? , Ed Truelson, Jim Broadwell, John Collins, Steve Senderling, Dave Wagner Steve S., Dave W., Big Ed, Gary B., John C. over coffee after breakfast. Drury Inn, San Antonio