Evergreen Air and Space Museum

Dave Wagner, Ken "Hopi" Hopkins (Foreground, L-R) Craig Blair, Ray Bernard Ken Hopkins (L-R: Jim Broadwell, Jerry Wilson, Terry Murphy (partially obscured), Marv Parker, museum volunteer (vest)
Crowd listening to presentation by volunteer Evergreen Air and Space Museum, McMinnville, Ore. Jim Broadwell, Dave Wagner, Marv Parker 2010-09-05 11-07-29 711 Ray Bernard, Don Baker (rear), Craig Blair
Marv Parker, Jerry Wilson, Dane Zeller, Ken Hopkins 2010-09-05 11-08-47 64 Near museum entrance waiting for all to get in Craig Blair, Jerry Wilson
2010-09-05 11-14-23 421 2010-09-05 11-15-54 301 Dave Wagner, Ray Bernard, Don Baker 2010-09-05 11-18-19 662
Jack Poulson, Hopi 2010-09-05 11-24-03 394 2010-09-05 11-24-11 948 Jerry Wilson, Dane Zeller
Dave Wagner Listening intently to a presentation (except Marv, who's staring out the window) The Spruce Goose Listening to briefing before getting aboard the Spruce Goose
Waiting to get in line to see inside the Spruce Goose Hangin' out ... still waiting Spuce Goose in background Captain Craig Blair
LJB, Hopi, Craig in the cockpit of the Spruce Goose Ray J, Steve S., Bat 1 DW with the Howard Hughes hat Terry Murphy, Jack Poulson, , George Ittner Jack Poulson, accidental freeloader, Pete Siegel, Terry Murphy, George Ittner
Pete "i'm-not-ready-yet" Siegel, George Ittner, Jack "me neither" Poulson, A- "where's the camera?"-F Craig Blair, Jerry Wilson SR-71 Blackbird LJB
Ray "Bat 5" Bernard Chief Boonkie, Hopi Only Flight of the Spruce Goose, 1945