Embassy Suites, Portland, Ore. LJB - The guy who put it all together ... wondering "What have I done?!?!" Marv Parker, LJB (Jim Broadwell) Hospitality Suite
Dane Zeller, George Ittner, Jerry Wilson, Gerry Murdock Craig Blair, Dane Zeller, George Ittner Don Baker, Ray Bernard Chief Boonkie
Dow (how he liked to addressed) Nick Nicoletta (Pete Thiffault) Dave Wagner Galen Pratt, Jim Coursey, Jim's wife(?), Dow
Terry & Annette Murphy, George Ittner w/ Don Baker peeking over George's shoulder Dennis Stillway, Ken Bissett, Gerry Murdock Ray "Bat 5" Bernard Hal "Steelheader" Mahnke, Tom Riggins, Dane Zeller, Marv Parker
Lori Poulson , Galen Pratt Tom Riggins, Bob Dow Annette & Terry Murphy (l. background) Steve Senderling, Don Baker, Jerry Willson Tom Riggins, Gerry Murdock, Nick Nicoletta (Pete Thiffault), Hal Mahnke
Dow Gerry Murdock, Ray Bernard Craig Blair, Hal Mahnke Terry & Annette Murphy
Gerry & Jerry (Murdock & Wilson) Nick Nicoletta (Pete Thiffault) Hal Mahnke Ken "Hopi" Hopkins, Steve Senderling George Ittner, Galen Pratt, Jim Broadwell, Pete Siegel
Yale/IFEL Class Jan-Aug 1964  L-R: Craig Blair, Jerry Wilson, Tom Riggins, Bob Dow, Gerry Murdock, Steve Senderling, Dane Zeller, Hal Mahnke, Nick Nicoletta (ex-Pete Thiffault), Ray Bernard Dave Wagner overseeing our little "swap meet" with Dane Zeller & Ray Bernard Ray Bernard, George Ittner, Galen Pratt George Ittner, Dane Zeller
Jerry Wilson, Steve Senderling, George Ittner, Ray Bernard, Dane Zeller, Craig Blair Craig Blair, Jerry Wilson, Steve Senderling, Pete Siegel